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Liveaboard SCUBA diving in Maldives offers some of the world's most pristine and colorful reefs along with
 luxury dive boats that satisfy the choosiest of vacationers.

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The Maldives' crystal clear waters are home to mantas, whale sharks, and reef sharks, not to mention the brilliant
flatworms and ghost pipefish who hide among its wrecks, coral gardens, channels, and pinnacles. Maldives liveaboards
offer itineraries encompassing the world-class dive sites of North Male Atoll, Ari Atoll, Baa Atoll, Hanifaru Bay, Rasdhoo and many more, including remote atolls in the far north and south where you'd be hard-pressed to see another liveaboard.


MV Dream Weekly Departure & Charter


We offers best Maldives liveaboards for scuba diving, all our Maldives scuba diving live aboard offers en-suit cabins
fully air-conditions , three scuba dives a day , also for non-divers they will enjoy the clear water of Maldives on one
of our liveaboards while the scuba diver under water, they can participate on the same area for snorkeling.


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The routes - Maldives Diving

We follow certain routes which turned out to be the best in our experience. This route however is not completely
fixed, the details depend an weather and currents.
Therefore are the cruises if you come as repeater never the same. Currents control the choice of the dive site by 100%.
You may have noticed, the dive on the very same spot is at on time great, at the other time mediocre. This is not luck or
tough-luck as many people believe. It is the current only.
At certain currents one spot can be dived, at other currents it is a vast of time. Sharks, whale sharks, mantas are encountered
at a certain current at the specific dive site only. To know the point is only half the story, to know the right time makes a
great dive. We know both in perfection.


One week cruises Maldives Liveaboard
The best atoll for a one week cruise is
definitely the Ari Atoll. We find there all you want to see. During the cruise
we round all the atoll but have-depending on weather and season- preferences for the west-or the east side.
One side of the atoll is always protected. Even in bad weather you find calm waters there.

Note: If you request as full charter a special route or atoll- we can do so, just contact us.


Maldives Liveaboard  WHALE WATCHING
Whales we encounter a couple of miles outside the atolls.
We stay the night in the atoll and move in daytime along the atoll chain up to the north and on the other atoll side
back again. On the way we have "hotspots" only known to us. A whale watching trip covers large distances, the water
will be more rough than within the atolls.



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